Rites, celebrations and faith in the heart of Sicily

Turn your back on the sea and venture into the heart of the island. Here the overlap of cultures is easy to see; a splendid Greek civilisation translated into a form of Christianity in which the Virgin Mary often resembles the goddess of fertility. The Normans you will see celebrated in the palios (traditional horse races) and feasts of this area invented a way of living between the rocks and castles, with theatrical festivals celebrating the Passion of Christ and the Resurrection. The processions that wind through the towns are a way of blessing common spaces once or multiple times a year. Lose yourself in the many traditions and feasts of the heart of Sicily and see them for yourself, in the knowledge that what you are seeing is a rare and precious thing, that immaterial heritage without which these towns would be lifeless monuments.

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Itinerary and events during the year

The feasts celebrated in this part of Sicily usually take place, with a few exceptions, in Holy Week and summer. Here feasts make up a rich constellation; they differ from town to town but revolve around common themes: holy week and Easter, the celebration of laurel, bread and Saint Joseph.

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